Director: YOSHIMURA, Kazuyoshi, D.Eng.
Yoshida-Honmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, 6068501, Japan.
Phone and Fax: +81 75 753 4057
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About us

The Kyoto University Research Center for Low Temperature and Materials Sciences, shortly LTM Center, was established in April 2002. Our missions are:

  1. supporting low temperature and materials science researches,
  2. promotion of low temperature and material scientific researches including their applied fields,
  3. enlightenments for these research areas.


To support researches concerning low temperature and materials sciences, we supply two types of cryogens, liquid nitrogen and liquid helium, boiling at 77 K and 4.2 K under ambient pressure, respectively. Both of them are the essential basis for various sciences. In recent years, we supply 520,000 L of liquid nitrogen and 220,000 L of liquid helium to more than 5,000 researchers in the entire university annually. We locate facilities for cryogens in all of Yoshida, Uji and Katsura campuses.

The usages of the low temperature environments prepared by these cryogens are rich in variety; ultra-sensitive, state-of-the-art equipments, high-resolution NMR, MRI, low temperature electron microscope, superconducting magnet, cryogenic preservation of biological materials, medical treatments, and so on.

We possess and maintain several advanced measuring equipments, such as SQUID magnetometers, a 17 T superconducting magnet, an e-beam deposition machine, a focused ion beam fabrication machine, a photo lithography system, a dry-etching machine in a clean room, a scanning electron microscope (SEM with EDX), and other sorts of low temperature facilities. We open them for use in Kyoto University.


We are not only a supporting organization, but also a reseach institute. We have research groups of:

The research targets now emphasize fundamental research of nano-technologies and material developments. Future inter-disciplinary researches in low temperature, materials sciences and technology are expected through the activities of the LTM Center.


We provide enlightenment events such as safely trainings, and also organize educational activities concerning low temperature and materials sciences as described in details below.

Academic staff


YOSHIMURA, Kazuyoshi Doctor of Engineering, Kyoto University


TERASHIMA, Takahito Doctor of Science, Kyoto University

YAMOCHI, Hideki Doctor of Science, Osaka University

SASAKI, Yutaka Doctor of Sciencs, Kyoto University

Associate professors

SATO, Satoshi Doctor of Science, Kyoto University

MATSUBARA, Akira Doctor of Science, Osaka City University

OTSUKA, Akihiro Doctor of Science, The University of Tokyo

Assistant professor

NAKANO, Yoshiaki Philoshophiae Doctor (Engineering), Kyoto University

Research associate


Educational activities